Effective and enthusiastic communication builds trust and confidence in customer relationships.


Product knowledge training for is no longer a nice-to-have in today’s customer obsessed world. And it is not only for front line employees either. It’s important that every employee have some level of knowledge for all of your organization’s products and services to provide a best-in-class customer experience.

Product knowledge ensures that banking professionals can communicate effectively and enthusiastically, building trust and confidence in customer relationships. It also means they can answer questions on the spot and overcome common customer concerns that may have otherwise been left to the customer’s imagination.


Studies have shown that every hour an employee spends on improving product knowledge increases their sales / referral rate by 5%.


Your employees don’t need to be the expert in all of your products and services, but they should be able to answer basic questions about their products and how they work.

employee confidence

Product knowledge training will help you build an unforgettable customer experience.

satisfied employees

Product knowledge is essential for employee confidence, well-being, and engagement.

Product Knowledge Improves Customer Satisfaction & Increases Sales

Ask customers what irks them when dealing with customer service or sales, and they may tell you it is lack of knowledge about a product. In fact, a company could lose a customer if the staff can’t answer certain questions on the products they offer. Since product knowledge is so important to customer satisfaction, it’s an area organizations should focus on. 

This program is designed to provide the product knowledge your employees need to maximize customer impact and build strong, long-lasting relationships.  It is designed to help you match your products to your customer’s needs in order to expand all cross-sell opportunities.

Is this what your financial institution needs?

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