Inspiring Your Team To Greater Heights

Leadership Coaching Course Overview

A study conducted by Deloitte showed that sales organizations with senior leaders who coach effectively improve their business results by 21 percent as compared to those who never coach.

More broadly, sales organizations that invest in leadership development are more profitable, more innovative, and more likely to be market share leaders than their peers.

Becoming a coach begins with the leader understanding their coaching responsibilities, being able to how to identify Employee Zones in order to change behavior, implementing the proper coaching process, and then using it to move employees to self and peer coaching – so that everyone on the team becomes a coach.


LEADERSHIP COACHING develops executives, managers, supervisors, and mentors into confident coaches who actively sustain an environment committed to excellence, and will make a major contribution to developing a customer-focused sales and service culture that will support your strategic objectives.

This program is designed to help leaders make the leap from “boss” or “manager” to “coach” by learning how to provide developmental coaching as a part of everyday contact.

Skills Learned

Participants learn how to plan and prioritize, develop winning and motivated teams, conduct effective team meetings, develop and implement Standard Management Practices to help manage both team and individual performance, identify employee Behavior Zones as well as Blue Ribbons and Grizzly Bears in order to effectively develop a strategy to motivate each individual employee, how to give both positive and constructive feedback, set SMART goals, and develop a coaching plan based on company goals and objectives.

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