Serving Customers Through Referrals

The Challenge

Financial institutions realize that service personnel play a large role not just in maintaining client satisfaction, but also in the development of long-term profitable relationships. One of the most common needs we find is the ability to tap into the opportunities presented every day in normal customer service interactions.

Every time a customer walks in, calls, or uses the drive-thru, it's a knock on the door of opportunity. Competition for deposits, loans, electronic services, etc. has financial institutions scrambling to find ways to strengthen customer relationships and increase profitability.

The Opportunity

Often, tellers and back-room personnel can be a hotbed of referrals and sales. These employees make contact every day with countless opportunities to:

  • Remind customers what services are available
  • Reinforce the image the bank wants projected
  • Save a relationship when the customer is dissatisfied
  • Ask for more business or solicit a referral
  • Recommending a relevant product
  • Thank customers for their loyalty
  • Refer customers to a product center

But how do we transform their daily contacts into exceptional service? How do they learn to act on opportunities and overcome their fears that they are “selling” or “pushing” a service on the customer instead of helping them?

Course Overview

Lead Generation: Serving Customers Through Referrals develops skills that are required to achieve exceptional service by unlocking the mystery of how to provide relevant referrals. This program is both motivational and fun. Filled with tools, workshops and exercises, the program gives your service staff the skills and confidence they need to make successful value-add suggestions and referrals.

This half-day class inspires your service personnel (tellers, loan admin, bookkeeping, etc.) to provide customers with exceptional service by recognizing a financial need and then, in 15 seconds or less, provide a value statement that will build the employee’s credibility and pique the customer’s curiosity to want to know more.

Is this what your financial institution needs?

We’ve already helped hundreds of financial institutions around the country do just this, and we would love to have the opportunity to work with you as well.