Mystery Shopping

We record the customer experience at various touch points giving you a clear picture of your customer service strengths and weaknesses.

The Problem

Do you really know what your customer’s experience when calling or visiting your bank?

How consistent is the customer experience at your bank from branch to branch, employee to employee?

Are you just taking orders or are you asking the right questions to uncover needs?

Do you talk only features or do you discuss benefits tied to the customer’s needs?

Our Solution

We’ve been customer experience fanatics and mystery shopping experts focusing on financial institutions for over 20 years. Our knowledge of community financial institutions and how their customers wish to be treated and communicated with is what will truly set our secret shopper program apart from our competitors.

Our customer focused mystery shop program was developed to help you measure the quality of your customer's experience. Our overall objective is to provide essential intelligence that will help deliver long-term customer relationships and help your bank become the financial institution of choice in your market.

The Results

Mystery Shopping gives you the ability to track your sales and customer service delivery metrics and then act on them quickly, which is a key determinant of your future results. You can then focus and direct resources to areas that need improvement, enhance employee training, and reward for exceptional performance.

We include the following deliverables with each shop:

  • Detailed analysis of the shop, including both objective and subjective intelligence on each employee encountered.
  • Observations of 24 sales and service behaviors (customized to your specific needs)
  • Coaching recommendations based on the results of each person shopped.
secret shopper benefits

Is this what your financial institution needs?

We’ve already helped hundreds of financial institutions around the country do just this, and we would love to have the opportunity to work with you as well.