About The James Paul Group

We provide solutions to the key challenges facing financial institutions today in attracting, engaging, acquiring, and keeping their customers.

At The James Paul Group, we understand that changing the way you interact and communicate with customers is a critical process. For these changes to be effective, they must be fully accepted and integrated into your organization. The process we use to accomplish this is what makes us unique. Our process, methodology, and approach is also why our services result in lasting change that will help you increase profitable sales and retain your best customers.

We have learned from years of providing consulting and training services to financial institutions that change is a process, not an event. The benefits of establishing a high performance program that includes training and skill development is often lost in only a few short weeks if they are not reinforced and integrated into the organization’s culture. For that reason, we develop a complete implementation and cultural adoption plan with our customers. Our plan is based on the unique needs of your organization.

Our Vision

To be a trusted resource for our clients, and recognized for our integrity, professionalism and commitment to excellence. To be a company that clients enjoy doing business with.

Our Mission

To deliver best in class Assessments, Advising, and Training solutions to improve the sales, management, and customer service effectiveness of our clients, allowing them to maximize and sustain performance, accelerate growth, and provide a memorable customer experience.

Your Results

Our approach to delivering training is skill based rather than theoretical, which makes it practical, and our tailored bank specific solutions make it "REAL WORLD”. Our customers describe our training as a “high-energy, results-oriented” program. So if you haven’t invested in your most valuable asset – your people – in quite some time, give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.

Our Services


High performing banks don’t rely on hope, luck, or a strong economy to reach their financial goals.  Instead, they embrace a culture that revolves totally around how they engage their customers.  They know that sustainable, consistent growth comes from having more customers, opening more accounts, and treating customers so exceptional that they continue to return.

Having been successful in developing and delivering income producing solutions since 2001, the James Paul Group can work with your bank to achieve the level of success you desire.

How We Help

  • Strategic Services - Determine growth priorities and build plans and timetables that drive market share growth, revenue and profitability.
  • Research Division - Market, customer, employee, and competitor intelligence is vital for both short and long term strategies.
  • HR Solutions - The level of employee skills, behaviors, and engagement is what separates high performing financial institutions from average ones.
  • Commercial and Retail Sales, Referrals and Cross-Sell Training - Research shows 87% of customers WANT employees to recommend (not sell) products and services that will help them Make Money, Save Money, or Save Time.
  • Leadership Coaching Training - Employees cite lack of coaching and direction as one of their biggest job related frustrations.
  • Product Knowledge System - Product knowledge aids tremendously in achieving growth goals by helping employees identify and recommend the products and services most appropriate to a customer’s needs.
  • Incentive Programs - Recognition and rewards are essential elements in improving employee performance and achieving branch growth goals.

Our Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is that quality service is the ability to anticipate the client’s needs, while delivering a reputation for responsiveness. We serve clients that are committed to remaining competitive by improving the overall performance and productivity of their employees.

Complimentary Services

Compliance Training

We revolutionize the way compliance training is experienced, by transforming it from Boring to Brilliant!  Bite-sized interactive episodes are presented in a modern, news-show format that provide an immersive experience for your employees with challenges to test their knowledge and comprehension of your most important topics.

Merchant Services

We redefine the credit card experience with the latest technology, personalized service, and low rates. We are a team of entrepreneurs looking to bring a fresh approach to an industry in need of change. The core value of our business is customer service. We believe that all businesses deserve personalized service and competitive rates. As an extension of your bank, we partner with the businesses to ensure they have the resources to grow.

Work Flow Efficiency and Expense Reduction

We bring creative ideas and innovative solutions to the financial services industry with an approach that's focused on the customer.

Check Program Consulting

As an agent for your bank, we compare vendor programs, review contracts, and negotiate with check vendors to help you reduce costs and bring in new revenue. Our team is your team for the entire process. We provide clear information and ongoing support.

Gallup Clifton Strengths 34 assessment

Gallup Clifton Strengths 34 Assessment

As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Connie epitomizes strengths-based coaching excellence. By leading the right conversations, that focus on helping people achieve their purpose using their natural strengths, she helps people lead their best lives at work and everywhere else. This allows managers to move from boss to coach and helps employees to develop and succeed at their goals.