Professional Development ensures that knowledge and skills stay relevant during these TURBULENT times

Our ability to provide customized training solutions, both in-person, virtually, or self-paced e-learning, will give you the peace of mind knowing your teams have the knowledge, skills, and tools to confidently provide the type of experience necessary to grow your business, retain your employees, and sustain profitable relationships.


Our newest training solution, LearnerMobile, is an affordable, award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) that delivers the right training and information to the right person at the perfect time, so everyone can perform at their best.

Core Training Programs

The development of a sales and service culture is best accomplished as a building process.  We recommend that the development take place over a period of time.  By building on each new skill, the change will be lasting and less threatening to your staff.  We also recommend the development of a strong coaching commitment from the top to the bottom of the management team.  This will help to insure that skills are integrated into the day-to-day culture of your bank.

All programs are available in several delivery methods: In-Person, Virtual, and Self-paced E-learning.


We recommend the following training programs.

Leadership Coaching

Inspiring Your Team To Succeed

The target audience for this program is anyone in a leadership role, such as executives, department heads, branch managers, head tellers, etc..  Modules include goal setting, sales planning, one on one coaching, and how to conduct sales meetings.  Additional modules include preparing for an evaluation, communicating expectations, manage emotional reactions, and creating a development plan.  We also teach them how to assess what “Zone” each employee is in and whether they are a “Blue Ribbon” or a “Grizzly Bear”.  This knowledge enhances the coach’s ability to help the employee change and improve their behavior.

Delivering Memorable Service

All employees who have direct customer contact (external and internal customer, face-to-face or over the telephone) should attend this program.  This program is customized to support quality service standards determined in executive planning meeting. Covers meeting and greeting customers, remembering names, professional telephone skills, voice mail and email, positive communication training (listening, bank jargon, fatal phrases, delivering bad news), handling irate customers, and professional dress and image.

G.U.E.S.T. Conversation Model

Retail Sales Training

Greet-Uncover-Educate-Suggest-Thank.  This program is designed for all retail employees in face-to-face sales positions.  It includes traditional selling skills training with a unique spin:  How to conduct a relevant, customer focused financial needs conversation that will help the employee identify key financial services needs, and then communicate unique value that sets your bank apart from the competition.  Key skills include asking questions, using features and benefits, closing the sale, managing customer concerns, cross selling, and making/asking for referrals.

Lead Generation

Serving Customers Through Referrals

Because tellers have the most frequent contact with customers, this program will bring tellers and back room personnel into the sales process. This program will help them recognize customer needs through what they hear, see, or feel, and then piquing the customer’s curiosity to know more by communicating bank value in 15 seconds or less.

Business Relationship Selling

Strategies For Improving Business Development

This program teaches your calling officers conversation techniques to uncover customer needs, handle concerns and sell the benefits of your solutions to become trusted Business Banking Advisors and deliver sustainable sales results.

Unleashing Your Product Knowledge System

Product knowledge is essential for great customer service, deep relationships with customers, and increased sales. With strong product knowledge, every member of your team can identify the right product or service to help customers achieve their specific goals.

The system includes the following elements:

  1. A template to learn essential information for each of your products
  1. A validation system that includes a written testing process and a verbal testing process