Targeted Solutions For Your Success

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.

Our ability to provide customized solutions will give you the peace of mind knowing your teams have the knowledge, skills, and tools to confidently provide the type of experience necessary to grow your business, retain your employees, and sustain profitable customer relationships.


We improve the performance of financial institutions by delivering the following proven solutions:

Training & Education

Training helps employees continue to not only be competent in their profession, but also excel in it. Using our professional development solutions ensures that knowledge and skills stay relevant and up to date.


Assessment and data collection are an important part of an effective performance system. Evaluating your goals and performance is the essential first step that can make the difference between scaling for success and spinning your wheels.

Advising & Consulting

We will help you analyze the problems and potential risks that you may be facing and advise you in a manner that will make you more effective, efficient and profitable.


Since 2001, the James Paul Group has delivered best-in-class training and talent development solutions exclusively for community banks across the country.

Engage The Modern Learner and All Your Employees

Our newest solution, LearnerMobile, is an affordable, award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) that delivers the right training and information to the right person at the perfect time, so everyone can perform at their best.


Most financial institutions offer the same type of products and services. So, what sets one institution apart from another? It’s their people! How your staff interacts with both external and internal customers is the only long lasting way to create preference for your bank. Our training, advising, and assessment solutions provide the tools and skills that will truly differentiate your bank from the competition, resulting in a greater customer loyalty and wallet share.

Our bank and credit union specific solutions were developed after lengthy research and discussions with both bankers and their customers, resulting in real world programs. The benefits our clients realize from our solutions are many, including the following:

  • Our solutions are community financial institution specific, ensuring attendees will not be turned into big bank sales robots. This ensures a pleasant and memorable visit for each customer.
  • Working with one company for ALL sales, service, and coaching needs ensures a smooth transition from one program to another. Using multiple companies can confuse employees with different terminology, different processes, and different customer interaction philosophies.
  • Financial institutions can’t rely on the customer to always know what they want or need. Our sales training programs ensure our clients are skilled in asking relevant, thought provoking questions in order to be an “advisor” to the customer rather than an order taker.
  • Understanding what the market wants and needs is critical to formulating a successful strategic plan. Our market / customer / employee / competitor research capabilities are proven to provide our clients with not only relevant intelligence, but in-depth analysis and recommendations as well.
  • Auditors are looking for signs that a financial institution can bring in core deposits without having to “buy” them on the open market. Our solutions are geared around helping financial institutions grow organically through customer acquisition and retention, thereby strengthening their financial position.

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Our team started to embrace the concept of "doing what was best for the customer" as being synonymous with proactive needs based selling. All of a sudden the word "sales" became something good. And today, just a few months after we started, we see the fruit of our labor, the prize for concentrating on character as opposed to personality. We are ahead of our goal in nearly every business category.


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