Client Appreciation

Read comments from participants in some of our past training classes.

Comments From Our Clients On Real World Success

I just wanted to touch base with you to share some great news! Today was Andrew B’s annual evaluation During his evaluation, I was discussing his referral goal for the year and his results. I had noticed a spike in referrals during the month of October and my first thought was what a coincidence, it’s time for his review. He had 10 for the month of October while he only had 14 for the entire year. I questioned Drew and he proceeded to explain to me that this increase was a direct result of the recent product training from Chris DiLorenzo. He said that it has helped him to look at things differently and that he no longer feels like he is pushing something at his customer. He said that he is using some of the things he had learned during the class and the customer are excited and appreciative when he recommends something to them.

Hi Linda and Janis. I want you to know how impressed I was by Chris DiLorenzo’s class yesterday. I must admit that as a seasoned sales person I did not expect to walk away from the class with new ideas or insight. I was wrong. He presented his material so very well. He was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and attentive to each class customer. I was particularly impressed by his in-depth knowledge of our product line. Thanks for inviting us.

I attended the above referenced training yesterday in Valdosta and enjoyed every moment of it! Not only did I enjoy the materials, I walked away with information and materials that will definitely make a huge difference in the way I do my job.

Chris, I must compliment your presentation skills. I am certain by now you know that it is difficult to keep my attention! However, not one time did I look to see what time it was or wonder when the class would end. A skill such as that is definitely a gift! Not many individuals can conduct a presentation without losing the group's attention at some point.

I just wanted to say thank you very much for implementing the training sessions we have had. I feel so much more prepared and knowledgeable than I was previously, and I received training in areas I was never shown before.

The way Chris introduced, covered, and re-capped the information made it easy to remember and put into practice. (I think I conveyed that to him as well in his evaluation.) With each class I have felt more excited and eager to use the new skills we have learned. I look forward to more of these opportunities to fine-tune our abilities and keep us vibrant in our jobs!

“Yes!!!!! Thank you for all you have done for me.”-------Teri

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