Service Skills For All Employee Positions

Course Overview

The question to ask yourself: Are our service standards consistent across all branches and all lines of customer contact (in-person, telephone, email, etc.)?

The kind of service that makes a positive, lasting impression on our customers (both External and Internal) – takes more than simple courtesy. Much more. Learn the skills necessary to WOW your customers and make each interaction, regardless of whom it is with, a memorable one.

memorable customer service skills

The Concept

Memorable financial institutions are the ones that win the business even though a competitor had a higher interest rate or better hours. So how do you become memorable? It’s all about being different. Identifying the factors that make a bank a complete, total, absolute necessity to its customers is actually pretty easy (we did it).

Memorable financial institutions have realized that a “customer” is not just the person who walks into the lobby, but your co-workers as well. Providing the same level of service to both is a critical component of Memorable Service.

Skills Learned

  • Meeting and Greeting Customers
  • Using the Telephone Effectively
  • Using Voicemail and Email Effectively
  • Positive Communication
  • Managing Upset Customers
  • Maintaining A Professional Image
  • Active Listening
  • Avoiding Fatal Phrases
  • Delivering Bad News

Is this what your financial institution needs?

We’ve already helped hundreds of financial institutions around the country do just this, and we would love to have the opportunity to work with you as well.