The Key Elements Necessary to Build a Commercial Relationship of Mutual Trust

Course Overview

In the team sports, it is not always the team with the best players who wins the game. Quite often teams with inferior players come out victorious because they prepared better than their opponent. The two key factors that make the difference in whether they win or lose is their overall strategy for that game and how they executed on that strategy.

The same goes for business development. It is not always the “incumbent” or the most skilled who wins the business. If your company takes the time to develop a business development strategy, and then executes on that strategy by “blocking and tackling” better than the competition, you will put yourself in a very good position to win the business.

IMPACT Selling Model

The Concept

The IMPACT Sales Process was developed with this philosophy in mind. The program is divided into two sections: Strategy and Execution.

The Strategy section takes into account all the key business development “concepts” necessary to master before engaging prospective customers.

The Execution section takes into account all the key business development activities necessary to master during and after the customer engagement process. It is the Execution section that encompasses the key elements of the IMPACT sales process.

Strategy Workshops

  • Understanding the Value of What We Sell
  • Understanding the Buyer
  • Identifying Buying Influences
  • Understanding Why People Buy / Don’t Buy
  • Strengths and Red Flags

Execution Workshops

Step 1: Investigate - Understanding the market and the customer's needs and plan your strategy.

Step 2: Meet - How to meet and greet in a way that develops trust and rapport.

Step 3: Probe - Learn to uncover the customer's true needs and help them understand the full value of solving them.

Step 4: Advise - Learn to work collaboratively with the customer to evaluate solution options and then show that you have the ability to solve their problem.

Step 5: Close - Learn to ask for commitment and work through any concerns or resistance the prospect may have.

Step 6: Thrive - Learn how to manage the account ongoing in order to obtain referrals, and to uncover and close any new sales opportunities.

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